Specialist Services

premier-media-banners3Preferred Agency Service

Many companies do not have the volume of staff to warrant a managed agency, and for these clients Premier Media is pleased to operate a “Preferred Agency” service.

This usually takes the form of a small list of approved agents, who can supply the client with a range of niche skills on either a permanent or a contract basis, depending on requirements.

Under these circumstances our specialist consultants can utilise their considerable expertise to offer our clients a fast and accurate service across a variety of industry sectors.

Where we have demonstrated our ability to out-perform our competitors, many of our clients have asked us to operate as their preferred agency by allowing us an exclusive period of time to fulfil their demands before seeking out other agents.

Sole Supplier Service

Whatever your employment requirements, Premier Media can handle all the administration of volume recruitment on your behalf, reducing costs and improving efficiency while leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

By appointing us to manage your contract and permanent staff supply chain, you will benefit from a single point of contact for all your company’s recruitment needs, which means your HR division and management teams won’t have to waste valuable time.

Under the sole supplier service, vetting and referencing will become an auditable and standardised procedure. You will also increase the likelihood of filling even the most difficult vacancies by co-ordinating your search across Premier Media’s appointed agencies.

Search and Selection

We are able to offer a bespoke combination of search and selection services, which are individually tailored to meet specific client needs.

If you are searching for a particular combination of talents, Premier Media provides a comprehensive and discreet “head-hunting” service. Our consultants, when working on a retained basis, will identify and approach carefully chosen candidates in order to ascertain their relevance and interest. This focused procedure is appropriate when a position is of a specialist nature or if the opportunity is highly confidential.

In the case of candidate selection, Premier Media places adverts in targeted media to attract those who are actively seeking a career move. This is suitable if clients are able to consider candidates with a broader range of skills, experience and background. The two processes are often run in conjunction to enhance the response generated.

With over fourteen years’ experience in search and selection, and a senior management team with over 50 years of recruitment experience,  we have developed a considerable network of exceptional candidates who can be contacted in support of these activities to guarantee the best available shortlist.

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